"Aku memilih untuk berada di sini bukan kerana sudah penuh ilmu untuk berkongsi apatah lagi mengajar. Tapi, kerana ada satu rasa ingin aku sampaikan kepada kalian biarpun sebesar zarah, ku harapkan redha dariNya. Penulisanku adalah sebuah penceritaan yang kadang aku tak dapat ungkapkan dengan kata-kata atau bicara. Harapanku, luah rasa dan pandanganku yang tak seberapa ini mungkin boleh kalian ambil sedikit ibrah darinya dan semoga ada pula satu semangat yang ingin ku suntikan dalam hati-hati kita biarpun sekelumit cuma."

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Terima Kasih Untuk Itu (Ep II)


Thank you Allah
For everything You have given to me

For all the days that I have been through
For all the happiness that I never thought would be true
For all the sadness that I have wiped away with Your Love


It's raining
The clock's read 10.30 pm.

It's raining so heavily...
I wonder how cold would that be to stand outside
with the darkness and the loneliness

I could still see the rainy days that I have been through last time
That girl I saw was walking to find the peace that she had been looking for
With the hope that she could turn back time
And undo what she had done

She said: "Life must go on..Allah will never put me through something I cannot bear it. I believe that He is watching me with His Mercy. He will set me free with His Love. And now, I am so happy. No.. I am so shameful to face Him that I am so sinful, yet He's still here for me. Allah has planned everything so perfectly. Ya Allah, please forgive me. Only You knows that I cannot describe how thankful I am to go through this. Alhamdulillah.."

She begged.
She sat at the end of the road
Ignoring others who passed by
Ignoring the beautiful sun coming out to give light
To erase the darkness

It was a beautiful morning
Never felt so calm
So peaceful
Tears were drying with smiles

(She was the person that has become who I am now. The person who has sacrificed a lot through out the journey to complete the incomplete heart that I had last time. The person who has given her best to help me out today. Thanks to you.... Thanks to Allah for His Love.:p)


Deep inside,
I prayed that May Allah be with me all the way
To get through this is Not easy

Having a strong faith that He will be there
Make me feel stronger

I hope that Allah will give the best for us
I will keep on praying
If Allah wants me to be patient
Carrying this, 
I will be patient

I know that when the time comes,
He will wipe all the tears that a person ever have

I believe that when the time comes,
Everything will be put back to its place

Maybe it's not today, not tomorrow, not that soon
But, the time will come to reveal the truth
To unseal all His secrets behind this

Believing that....

I am thankful


Thank You Allah..

HambaMu yang merindu.

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