"Aku memilih untuk berada di sini bukan kerana sudah penuh ilmu untuk berkongsi apatah lagi mengajar. Tapi, kerana ada satu rasa ingin aku sampaikan kepada kalian biarpun sebesar zarah, ku harapkan redha dariNya. Penulisanku adalah sebuah penceritaan yang kadang aku tak dapat ungkapkan dengan kata-kata atau bicara. Harapanku, luah rasa dan pandanganku yang tak seberapa ini mungkin boleh kalian ambil sedikit ibrah darinya dan semoga ada pula satu semangat yang ingin ku suntikan dalam hati-hati kita biarpun sekelumit cuma."

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The beautiful mercy of Allah: We still shut our eyes.


Sebuah kisah daripada seorang syeikh, Imam.. (i wasn't sure how to spell his name. hu.) 

I was just finished my Fajr prayer and I was sitting at the river. 
Looking at the water flow. 
And I saw a scorpion.

The scorpion was running very fast and I thought it was going to attack me. 
But, it passed by me. 
And ran towards a turtle. 
It wanted to attack the turtle.

But, then... when it was about to attack, the scorpion stopped. 
It turned around and ran back at my direction. 
And I thought, it will get me. 

But, it ran passed me. 

I was so curious about the scorpion and I followed where it was going. 
Then, I saw a man was lying. He was sleeping. 
The scorpion was running towards his direction and at the same time, 
a snake was going to bite that man. 

The scorpion jumped towards the snake and bite the snake. 
The snake was killed and the scorpion died too. 

And I thought to myself, "Subhanallah... Allah SWT makes all these happen because of this man. I want to wake him up and tell what happened." 

I woke him up and he was drunk. 

I thought he was someone special to Allah SWT and I wanted to ask for his du'a. But, there he was. 

I said: "Subhanallah."
He said: "What?.." 
"I saw Allah SWT mercy upon you and I thought you are someone beloved to Allah SWT. I wanted to ask for your du'a. And... you were drunk??" 
"What happen?" 

I told him the whole story. 

And he broke down. 

"Ya Rabb, as much as I disobey You, You did all that for me?" 

He repented. 



Kadang2 ada masa, terduduk... fikir banyak tentang diri.
How much  I have wasted all my years of living...
tak ambik peluang kenal Allah,
nak bercinta dgnNya.

Nak tau untuk apa saya bangun, berwudhuk dan berdiri di hadapan berkali2~
Setiap hari!

Dan Allah itu Ar Rahman, Ar Rahim.

'Langkah' Nya jauh lebih pantas menghampiri.
Kalau tidak kerana rahmat Allah,
mana mungkin hati kenal apa itu erti cinta.



Kita tak selalu ambik masa renung dan berfikir,
betapa banyak Allah selamatkan kita daripada 'ular' dan 'scorpion' mcm tu kan?
Dan betapa banyak pulak kita selalu lupakan Allah?


"Ya Allah, kami telah menzalimi diri kami sendiri, jika Engkau tidak mengampuni dan melimpahkan rahmat pada kami, sesungguhnya kami adalah orang-orang yang rugi." (Al A'raf:23)

p/s: kisah benar tu shared by Omar Suleiman. I was touched, so i thought sharing with all of you would be very nice. inshaAllah. :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

"I want to come back but, I don’t know how?"


Alhamdulillah. (it's Friday, don't forget to read Surah al Kahf.. :)  )

Please allow me to fully write in English today. I hope to address this to Everyone no matter where or who they are. Hopefully, this will help any of us including me, inshaAllah. (And, I couldn’t remember when was the last time I write in full English. Hehe…)

Some of us think that our sins are so big and great to be forgiven.

“I am so dirty. Full of sins, how is it possible for me to come back?”
“Does Allah still love me?”
“I drink, I commit crimes, I had wronged myself. How can I be forgiven?”
“I really want to be a better Muslims, but, I think it’s impossible.”

All these thoughts are whispers from shaytan. They always want us to Lose hope just like they did last time. Never despair. 

First, what we should do is to LOOK Away from our sins and starts to look at Allah’s Mercy and you will find His Mercy is much greater than your sins. And also, Allah doesn’t get tired of forgiving. Allah is obviously not like us – human.

But, realizing that, to get the Mercy of Allah we must be sincere in our repentance. We can’t lie to God when obviously Allah knows All things inside or outside our chest.

And also, we must remember that, Most of people get deceived by themselves. They always ‘dream’ to get His Mercy without realizing that ‘dream’ can take them nowhere if they don’t act. And, most of us end up leaving this world without doing any good things or without being Forgiven. Nauzubillah… . T_T

The Big Question is –
“I Want to Come Back to Allah, but I don’t know How??”

1. Have a sincere intention.

Either we realize it or not – We act based on What we Feel Not on What we think. We tend to follow our heart. Thus, if the heart is good (salem) or sound, the Whole action of the body will be good. But, if the heart is sick or dead, our action will be bad or really bad. Hmm…

This has been emphasized by Rasulullah SAW in his hadith right?

Yeah… so.. bring it on. Eh. Haha.

Start to have the truthful heart ya!

The Movement of your heart will transform your actions.
And, you know what?
Allah knows.

He will make it easy for you. You think Allah doesn’t want you?

He said “ I am closer than your jugular vein.” (Qaf:16)
He also declared Himself that His Mercy supersede His wrath.
MashaAllah… and Allah also mentioned in a hadith qudsi that, when we come with one step, He will come with 10. When we walk, He will come with speed. Subhanallah. Hmm. T_T

Well, everyone may have a turning point right? I have mine. T.T

2. Make Du’a.
Yes!!! I am so seriousss about this! Ask! And Allah will give!!
Oh, you don’t believe meee?

“Call upon Me, I will respond to you.” (Ghaffir: 60)


Look at the structure of that Ayah in the Quran, how direct Allah address Himself – “ME”. And How He said with the word “WILL”. This means, He Will definitely give when you ask.

We just need to believe it. If you don’t believe in Allah, you will not have all these rewards.

“I am like how My servants perceived me.”

Make du’a… ask Allah to make it easy for you to leave your sins.
You’ll see the miracle inshAllah. T_T

3. Act on the burst motivation.
Well, you know.. when at that moment we get the motivation, we feel that we really want to change, quickly act on that. That’s when your heart will feel very great in doing things. InshaAllah.

4. Make a promise to Allah.
You must prove to Allah how you would really want to change. Practically, we should make a promise to Allah. And, promising with Allah is like no other promise we ever did to any person.

Make your own personal promise.
Different people might ‘fighting’ with different sins.
It’s a Mujahadah.
The fight never ends.

All the best. :)

5. Make a SACRIFICE.

Yes, please note it’s a big word there. Huuu.


Something is call a sacrifice if it gives you pain. It’s hurting you. Do it. Leave or give up something for the sake of Allah.

If you keep on doing a certain sin, Leave it.
If you engage in a Haram relationship, leave it.
If you are attach to something from Dunya, detach from it.
(I’m going to say moreee about this point. Hehe.. bear it with me okay? Hehe.)

First, look at what Allah says in the Quran: “By no means, shall you attain righteousness unless you give (freely) of that which you love and whatever you give, Allah know it well.” (Ali Imran: 92)

MashaAllah. :(

Put what Allah love Over what you love.

Allah’s blessings is much more important than anything else.
I would like to make it clear inshaAllah, that…

When we enslave ourselves to Allah, Allah will free us.

We are free from pleasing anyone,
From running for anything.
Because we already have Allah.
What more could we possibly ask if we have Allah.

That’s how it works.

If you run towards the Dunya, you will lose both – Dunya and Akhirah.
If you run towards Akhirah (Allah), you will get both – Dunya and AKhirah.


(Okay..okay. We are talking about sacrifice, right? Haha. Hu.)

Rasulullah SAW also had emphasized:
“When we give up something for Allah, Allah will replace it with something greater!”

Allah will not take it lightly. Actually, Allah will be soooo happy to see how much we can do things for HIM. It’s like…

“Look at My slaves, how they worshiping Me when they don’t even see Me.” (Yassin:11)


Don’t be afraid to sacrifice anything or anyone you love because, Allah is the One who controls EVERYTHING.

Exactly like the stories Allah told us in the Quran.
Ibrahim a.s had to sacrifice his own son, and Allah replaced it with something else.
Mother of Musa a.s had to let him go in the river, and Allah brought him back to her.

Hmm… please read more on my previous post – Allah cares that much - (but, it’s not fully in English, sorry. hu.)

Alright, lastly…

6. Istiqamah
“What if I come back to the sins?”
“How I want to be Istiqamah (firm)?”

Istiqamah is about standing firm.
We must be firm with our intention, dream or motivation.

Just like those who really take care of their body shape, they will consistently work out and eat properly or follow certain regulations. The same goes to our heart.

We need to work out.
We need to feed it.

And the only food for the heart is  - the Remembrance of Allah.

We need to consistently remember Allah in our life.
Salah. We need to pray.
Pray Five times.
Pray on time.

It’s like we are going to have a date with someone we love, how can we be late in the appointment?
We want to go for an interview, how can we be late for it?
The same goes to our date with Allah, how can we come late when we want HIS Love???

Zikr is also very important.
While driving, while doing your work, while jogging, working,
Waiting for your bus, waiting for the class, or whatever.
Keep your tongue moist!

With zikr. Istighfar.

You will see changes in your days. InshaAllah. T_T

The heart tarnishes. We need to polish it with Taubah (repentance).

The sins or dirt will create a veil between you and Allah. To know more about repentance, maybe next time from me. But, you can find it in many books, blogs, and obviously QURAN.

I would really love to remind you and myself, inshaAllah
If we truly LOVE Allah, we should Love His Rules.
His commands are for our own good.

So, guard ‘the gates’.
Your eyes,
All these are the gateways to your heart.

You may not realize it.
But all these, will make our heart dirty if we don’t guard it.

Let’s make du’a to make it easy.
I mean - A LOT.

InshaAllah, I do believe, if we are sincere,
Allah will not leave us.

If don’t believe me.
Make du’a,
And Allah will never forget.

Hope to see you in Jannah, and we will talk a lot about our Success and Sacrifice.

May Allah make us among those people who He love.

Reference from “Yasmin Mogahed – I want to Come back to Allah, but Do not know how.”