"Aku memilih untuk berada di sini bukan kerana sudah penuh ilmu untuk berkongsi apatah lagi mengajar. Tapi, kerana ada satu rasa ingin aku sampaikan kepada kalian biarpun sebesar zarah, ku harapkan redha dariNya. Penulisanku adalah sebuah penceritaan yang kadang aku tak dapat ungkapkan dengan kata-kata atau bicara. Harapanku, luah rasa dan pandanganku yang tak seberapa ini mungkin boleh kalian ambil sedikit ibrah darinya dan semoga ada pula satu semangat yang ingin ku suntikan dalam hati-hati kita biarpun sekelumit cuma."

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fear, Remorse and Love.


Masih diberi peluang. It's sounds so cliche kan?

But, this is what humans like us always take it for granted.
I wonder - how it feels like to have gun right on your head.


Fear of the death.
And more horrible is to fear what will happen in our 'Next life'.

But, usually. We always deny and forget that fear.
We don't want to think about it.
We often live and breathe like we will die in the next 20 years.

We don't increase our fear to Allah.
What happen if we die right after this?


Everything that seems pleasant, beautiful and awesome in this Dunya
will seem Irrelevant.

Dunya - this word means 'lower life'.
Yes! True!
There is a higher life.

Where we will live eternally.
We will Never die.

Those in Jannah will live happily ever after.
Those in Jahanam will live miserably forever.

We can't come back to Dunya to undo what we have done.
We have taken every chance for granted.
We ignored Countless Warnings from Allah!

We ignored, stubborn and turn away from His Mercy.
We shut our eyes.
We deafen our ears.
And we killed our hearts.

We harden our hearts.
Those who are looking for Allah... keep on trying no matter how many times they fall.
Keep on hoping for His Redha,
will taste the Mercy of Allah that never get tired of forgiving.

I don't say that we just need to pray and do nothing.

Loving Allah is not just about prayers.
Not just about Zikr.
Not just about istighfar.

In loving Him, the challenge is to live in society but the heart is with Allah swt.

Don't give up! Never. Please don't....
No matter how many sins we have committed.
No matter how many times we fall,
stand up and get back up.

Allah will see that.
And He will reward us for that...
the Most Meaningful reward is to have His Love in our hearts.

until when..
We will feel so devastated to lose Him from our hearts.
Staying far from Him will make us feel sooo misery.

Ask Allah.
Make du'a now!
Istighfar and do our taubah Now.

Renew our taubah and repentance.
Let Allah know with all your heart that you really want to come back.
But, you don't know which door to be opened.

You really want to get to Him.
But you feel so difficult of leaving 'the pleasures of your nafs'.

Then, pray to Allah to make it easy.
Pray that He will guide us.
Pray that He will keep us close to Him forever.

Be thankful if you have the remorse.
I will keep on praying for all of you....
that Allah will give you the love that you are looking for.

The Love that makes you cry a lot...
the love that makes you feel so happy.
The love that makes you feel so remorseful of your sins.

I'm begging.

Oh, Allah... please open our hearts. Please open and soften our hearts. Ameen.


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